Journal Datastore

  • Browsing the files located on the datastores that we use as Journal locations for our protected/critical VMs (under “ZeRTO volumes” folder), I noticed that on one of the Journal locations, the “…_log_volume.vmdk” virtual disks have the latest modified dates 9/9/2019 and other virtual disks have modified dates 2/5/2019 and earlier.  There are no VMDK files with modified dates between 2/5/2019 and 9/8/2019 on the “ZeRTO volumes” folder of this datastore.  On another Journal location, the latest modified date as of yesterday is 9/8/2019 but there are no VMDKs with modified dates between 5/27/2019 and 6/14/2019…nor between 6/14/2019 and 9/5/2019. Is this something that we should be concerned about?  Note: For the VPGs that use these Journal locations, we set the Journal History to 1 day and the Target RPO Alert to 5m.


    The modified dates for VMDK files in the datastore are not necessarily indicative of the last time it was written to, but the last time it was changed from a Hypervisor level perspective (change in provisioning, change in size, etc). The modified date is not a reliable indicator of whether a journal file is still in use.

    To summarize, you should not be concerned about the last time your “log_volumes.vmdk” has been modified.

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