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Journal and scratch disk datastore usage

  • Hi Zerto,

    I have a question about the Journal and scratch disks, and how they share/use space

    If I have:

    • A datastore that is 2TB in size
    • A journal that has a hard limit of 1TB

    If I do a test failover does the scratch disk and journal share the same 1TB of space or can they both grow to 1TB and thus fill the 2TB datastore?



    The scratch volume uses the journal sizing configuration to determine its growth, will grow separately from the journal. In the scenario you propose, both volumes could grow to 1 TB. Hope you found this helpful.


    Thank you,


    Thanks Joe,

    Is there a way to find out how big a scratch disk is during a failover test (We don’t use the Analytics service but we have access to the API).

    The report we currently use (using JournalUsedStorageMb) seems to combine both the journal and scratch into one total as far as we can tell, and we would like to understand how big the scratch disks are getting during our longer failover tests.






    There is no defined way within Zerto to monitor the scratch disk size growth. The longer you leave the failover process in an uncommitted state and dependant on the activity of the testing the volume will continue to grow to the defined journal limit is reached. Hope you find this helpful.

    Thank you,


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