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Issues with vCD waiting to import vm

  • Hi All,


    Is anyone running verison 6.5U3 with vCD 9.1.

    We recently went to 6.5u3 to fix import time out issues, in the lab its checked out ok, but it appears in live when doing a test fail over it’s sitting at 27% , creates the vAPP but does not import the VM. It then rolls it back after 30 minutes.


    Any help would be good.


    Case is already in



    Hi Dan – this is best pursued in a case. Having said that, in general, there is usually some information in the event details in Zerto that may be helpful to review. — Justin



    Thanks i’ve aleady got a case in and it loks like it’s timing out waiting for the VM to be moved into the create vApp in vcloud.

    Very annoying as we upgraded to address a similar issue







    Did you ever get a resolution to this issue?  We had the same issue that was resolved but has now returned.  vCD test will fail waiting for the VM to be imported to the vAPP.  VMWare support thinks everything is fine.  I have a case open with Zerto but they are pointing the finger at vCD causing a delay.

    Hi Matt – I looked internally and it did look like the case was resolved for Daniel. There was an issue that Zerto support did help resolve so it is likely they could assist you similarly as well.

    On a side note, my apologies for the double post above – will delete one of them in just a moment. — Justin

    Hope you got this resolved.


    This was related to how they pull the list of VM’s via the vCloud API for the list of VM’s to be imported. Basically if you have over 100 VM’s then their will be a second page of results so if the VM sits on the 2nd page of results it will wait for the VM until it times out then fails.


    This should be patched in version 6.5 U4 p1 ? or that last release, they appear to have either iterated through each page and created an entire list, or reverted it back to the previous vCloud API calls.



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