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Issues with SQL jobs

  • hi guys

    it’s worth to ask even when it’s something SQL related but maybe someone already experienced it

    I have this customer 1.2 TB SQL VM we did a failover to Site B, VM stayed there for a day VM worked great in Site B, so we scheduled a failback and  everything when fine as well but next day customer found the SQL jobs scheduled to run every 10 seconds where running every 2 hours instead so customer had to re-create the SQL jobs and asked me about it

    has someone had similar experience with SQL?


    Zerto doesn’t touch the OS of a VM by default.  If any scripting was run with the failover/failback that would change those settings, or someone changed the job schedule while the VM was running at site B (which would have replicated back to site A) would be the only assumed reason.

    thanks it was this

    server started with UTC time and SQL took that time so all jobs were out dated when the task started

    so we had to set SQL service as manual and start the SQL service after server sync time with Active directory instead of UTC

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