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issues after Palo-Alto firewall installation

  • since we put a Palo-Alto “intelligent” firewall in our target site, i’m seeing a huge number of site disconnect events followed within seconds of a reconnect message. the issue is almost certainly with the firewall config but wondering if any one has seen an issue like this before. my network guy is stumped.


    <span style=”color: #000000; font-family: Calibri;”>Alert turned on at 3/11/2016 3:07:45 PM: The Zerto Virtual Manager is not connected to site Madison (ip redacted).</span>

    and a similar slew from the vra’s


    I should add that other than all the “spam” (52 messages per event) it doesn’t appear to be having any negative effect of rpo or causing sync issues….yet.

    The ZVMs keep an open connection with a keep alive interval (1o minutes by default). It sounds like your firewall is closing this which is causing the issue.

    Simplest answer is to allow all traffic between Zerto components or change the firewall settings to not close the connections. Thanks,


    Thanks Joshua

    It APPEARS it may be an issue between how the cisco at the source side and the Palo-alto on the target side decide the tunnel should be up for the VPN. I’ll share any specifics if they are available.

    Steven – Curious, did you ever run this down? I ask because I just put in a Palo Alto firewall in one of my datacenters and now I’m getting sporadic site disconnects between ZVM’s. Clearly it’s the change in firewall, but I haven’t yet figured out how to resolve it.

    Not 100%. when we got to a PA – PA config for our tunnel, my network engineer and PA support did some tweaking to get it stable but I don’t know what they did and he doesn’t share well. getting off a split¬†5530¬†– PA helped, or forced the hand at least.

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