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issue with Storage Profile API

  • Hi All,


    I am struggling with the storage profile API,


    i can  get the https://zvm_ip:port/v1/virtualizationsites/{siteIdentifier}/orgvdcs/{orgvdcidentifier}
    /networks api call to work and retrieve my network objects


    however if i try




    i get error message :


    Endpoint not found


    URL is identical up to that point


    running Zerto 6.0 U4


    Any help would be greatly appreciated




    does anyone have anyone update on this ?



    Hi Chris – Presuming there are storage profiles available in the backing orgvdc, they should be able to be queried in this API. If that is the case (IE in VCD there are storage profiles configured in this orgVDC) then it may be best to reach out to our support team.


    Edit: I had posted an erroneous comment which I have since deleted – sorry about that!

    it appears that my zerto api call isnt listening to that endpoint as it states no endpoint found.


    if i didn’t have any networks i would have thought i would get a correct response but with no entries







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