Is it recommended to protect the vCenter Server?

  • I have been using Zerto Replication in VMWare environment since January of this year.

    Recently I had an issue that required a support call. during this call I had asked if I was supposed to be replicating the ZVA and was told no which is understandable.

    My question today is should I be replicating the protected site vCenter? I am not sure if this will cause issues or not but in the event of a total disaster I would like to recover in full if possible.

    Hi Harry,


    I have two vCenters (1 at the Recovery Site and 1 at the protected Site)


    I am actually now in a situation where this would have been useful.


    During the storm this week my entire Virtual Environment went down and due to improper shutdown in our SAN Disks we had some data corruption.

    Well my Protected Site vCenter Server was corrupted to the point where it will no longer work.

    Since Zerto depends on vCenter server to work my protected is no longer protected.


    When I reached out to support for help with having to rebuild by Protected Site vCenter and creating a new Database (due to corruption) the Knoweldge Article basically said I now have to uninstall and remove my Zerto Software from Recovery Site and Protected Site and basically start over. It does mention that I could delete the VPGs and keep the recovery disks; well that is impossible because my Protected Site ZVM user interface is not available and you cannot delete VPGs from the Recovery Site.


    My original question was.


    On the protected Site, can I add my vCenter server to a VPG for protection in the event of a disaster (such as the one I am experiencing now) or would this cause issues.


    In hind-site I probably should have just done it or at least took a snapshot.

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