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Is 5.0 Update 1 compatabile with ESXi 5.5 u3?

  • Are ESXi 5.5 U3 hosts tested with 5.0 Update 1?

    When I deploy the VRA on a 5.5 U3 host, everything deploys correctly but then vCenter has a repeating cycle of RAM usage warnings and Zerto has a repeating cycle of the VRA not being connected and then connected again. I deleted the VRA and redeployed it but had the same results. Everything worked well on my ESXi 6.5 host. I’ll be upgrading that host to 6.5 soon so I don’t really need it solved but just thought it may be worth looking at.

    Hi Chris Y,

    Thanks for the information! Yes, this is supported and has been tested. I will submit this information internally in case there is something we need to address. If you ever do want to look into your environment more closely with this issue, please reach out to support as they can dig into your logs and maybe find something specific going on in your environment.

    Thanks again! I’ll update here if I find any additional information. Random, but related question — are all the hosts in the cluster (and sharing the datastores) powered on?



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