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Implement vCD when Zerto already exists in vCenter

  • Hi, is there a documented procedure for what to do with Zerto when you have this scenario;


    2 x vCenters with ZVMs integrated and VMs are being replicated successfully.

    We now want to install vCD on top of each vCenter (two separate instances of vCD in multi-site), and move VMs in to vCD using the auto-import feature.

    Is there documentation that explains how to modify Zerto to be able to handle this scenario?


    Do I need to install a new (second) ZVM per site and link it to vCD instead of vCenter? Will I need to re-create all VPGs etc? I had a search but cannot find anything that covers how to implement vCD with Zerto when you already have a working vCenter/Zerto implementation.

    Hi Ben,

    I don’t believe we have a documented guide for this

    feel free to reach out to me directly and we can discuss in more detail




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