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Hyper-V to VMware

  • Cihat Hudai B

    Hello there,

    We are replicating to Hyper-v to VMware when I test failover the VM boot up in 2 minutes but when I try to Live Failover, failover in progress %58 and I see a task on vcenter is move file and its going really slowly I mean 120 GB live failover takes 1 hour but same machine test failover takes 2 minutes is there any idea what it happened ?

    same issue as what we had. any solution? Do we need to install vmware tools first on the hyper v vm before failing it over?

    Hello Acel,

    My problem is solved but it happened on me cause of we are using simplivity if you are trying cross replication I would recommend to install vmware tools when VM on Hyper-V it would be better

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