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Hyper-v to VMware with multiple ZVM

  • Dear All,

    We have an issue on a project for migrating VMs from Hyper-V to VMware with Zerto installation.

    Let me ask: we have a couple of HyperV clusters and VMware cluster on Source & 2 Vcentres on target where we are trying to install the Zerto ZVM and VRAs.

    We have found out that another Team have already installed Zerto ZVM’s on VMware Source and Target VMware.

    My needs is to install another ZVM and the needed ZVRA’s instances on the HyperV source and pair to the same Target ZVM where i will land the VMs.

    Can i do that?

    What’s the alternative in case I can’t?


    Thank you



    This is Kalsang from Zerto.

    Sorry for the misunderstanding, So, you’re asking If you can pair the HyperV ZVM with the existing target VMware ZVM.

    You can only achieve it If you’ve one to many Licenses. You can’t pair the ZVM to more than one site unless you’ve one to Many licenses.

    Best regards,

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