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Hyper-V maintenance – Best practice?

  • Hi,

    What’s the best practice for putting Hyper-V hosts in maintenance using the drain function? I’ve got a Hyper-V Zerto client who’s looking to automate maintenance on his failover cluster, but during the drain process, the process is failing because the owner for the VRA is that host only, and therefore the VRA VM can’t be migrated (which it shouldn’t anyway, as it should only be dedicated to a particular host).

    One possible way would be to turn the VM HA for the VRA VM off, but this option is greyed out and appears to be locked out by Zerto.

    Any ideas on how to best approach automation of Hyper-V maintenance with VRAs?




    Hello Stephan, I’m not sure if you received a formal answer but this is what I’ve been told:

    How to place a host with an associated VRA into Maintenance mode

    How to Place a Host with an Associated VRA into Maintenance Mode

    This uses vMware terms however the concepts are the same across the hypervisors.

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