HW & vSphere upgrade -on behalf of Peter P.

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    We’re planning major hardware upgrade in our DR environment. We will replace our current 2 blades (vSphere 5.5) with a new 2 blades (vSphere 6.7). We will be using vmotion for VMs migration from the old into a new blades/hosts.

    If we will use vmotion to migrate VMs from the old into a new hosts, do you know if there will be any impact on Zerto? Do you know is all Zerto VPGs will be still in full sync after VMs migration into new hosts or Zerto will re-sync VPGs?

    During the upgrade process, we will also upgrade our current vSphere 5.5 to version 6.0 and then to 6.7.

    Do you know if after upgrade to the higher version of vSphere Zerto will stay in sync or Zerto will re-sync all VPGs?

    At the very last stage of our hardware upgrade, we will add 1 more host to our environment. We will expand Zerto from current 2 hosts to 3 hosts.

    It is my understanding, all what we need to do is install new VRA on a new host. When we will “expand” Zerto to 3 hosts, do you know if Zerto will need re-sync all VPG?

    Hi Ruth,

    To answer your questions:


    No, there won’t be impact on replication. However, there are difference on replacing hosts between source site and recovery stie. (Make sure all new hosts have VRA installed on)

    1)Source site

    Just vMotion VMs from the old hosts to new hosts via vCenter.

    2) Recovery site

    Please use [change recovery VRA] function via the ZVM GUI (check on the specific VRA and click on [more]), this will simply move all the workload residing on the old VRAs to the new VRAs.


    Yes, and in order to ensure protection is not affected when upgrading or replacing a vCenter, the vCenter database should be preserved.

    Please refer to this KB: https://www.zerto.com/myzerto/knowledge-base/upgradingreplacing-a-vcenter-without-affecting-zerto-virtual-replication/


    Yes, you are correct, you will only need to install a new VRA on a new host, and there won’t be impact on the replication.

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