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HTML5 plugin for vCenter 6.7

  • I recently performed an upgrade for a customer from vcenter/vsphere 6.5 to 6.7, and the existing flash-based plugin no longer works. They are running Zerto 7.5U4

    I did a search for installing the webclient plugin, and came across the following post: Zerto plug-in for vSphere Web Client – MyZerto

    I copied the vspherewebclientpluginenabler.exe file to the vCenter 6.7 server (running Windows, NOT the VCSA), and ran the executable. It required .NET 4.7.2. I began installing .NET 4.7.2 until it got to the point where it needed to stop the SQL services, at which point I decided to back off and verify what I was doing – I didn’t want to muck around with .NET and SQL based on information from a 5 yr old post.

    So my question is this: with vCenter 6.7, using HTML5 – how do I install the plugin? Is the process just as described in the post above, and SQL needs to be taken offline temporarily – or is there a different mechanism for install.

    I’m hoping that I just haven’t found the right resource, and someone can point me in a direction.

    Thank you!


    Require Response to this question also.

    VCSA – 6.7u3l


    Include me in this one.  I also would like a repsonse to the question.

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