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HPE HCI running with VMware to IBM Cloud , VMware

  • I am looking for supportability confirmation for migrating workloads running on HPE HCI Vmware based environment to IBM Cloud, VMware environment. Is Zerto is capable to support this type of migration ?
    I know zerto is best in class when migrating from Vmware to Vmware but in my case source is HCI but VMware so thought to check with the team before committing it further.


    Contara from Zerto Support.

    HCI is just VMware’s “package” naming of vCenter+vSAN+vSphere. There should not be major issues as the question then becomes “do we support vSAN”, yes we do.

    Please review the interoperability matrix showing Zerto versions supporting vSan:


    Please review the details of what HCI is here: http://www.datacenterjournal.com/vmware-announces-vsan-v6-6-hyper-converged-hci-software-defined-data-infrastructure/

    Thank you.

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