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How to move Zerto Volume to another Host

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    We want to change the replication to a new Host, but not all the VPGs

    How do we do it?


    This is Vladimir M with Zerto Support.

    Changing a Recovery VRA or change a volume to another recovery host
    To change a recovery VRA for selected VMs:

    1. In the Zerto User Interface, click SETUP > VRAs
    2. Select the VRA to change and click MORE > Change VM Recovery VRA
    3. Review the list and select the virtual machines to change the target host to another specified target host.
    4. To change the target host for the selected VM
      • Click the Select the replacement host drop-down list to get a list of available target hosts and choose the target host.
      • Click the edit pencil icon under the Target Host column to get a list of available target hosts and choose the target host.
      • Click Auto Select the Replacement Host and the best suitable host will be automatically selected for that virtual machine. The auto-selection is based on a load-balancing algorithm.
      • Validation is performed to make sure the selected target host can be used. For example, the datastores used by both the VRAs are accessible from both hosts.
      • Any implications of the change, such as whether synchronization might be required after the change is also displayed.
    5. Click APPLY
      • During this procedure, you cannot edit the affected VPGs nor attempt a failover, move, failover test, or clone operation.
      • At the end of the procedure, a Bitmap Sync might be required to resynchronize the protected machines with the recovery VRAs.
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