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how does Zerto handle hidden files and folders

  • how does Zerto handle hidden files and folders for backup and restores

    Hi John,

    Zerto will see and be able to replicate hidden files/folders since they are only hidden from the OS and are on the disks.

    However, JFLR (journal file-level recovery) downloads files and folders to the client via HTTP.  Since only the data is being transferred, the attributes (like hidden) will not be retained because they are not part of the HTTP download, nor does the downloading client expect to get such attributes and apply them to the newly created file at the client machine file system. This isn’t a Zerto limitation, just how HTTP works.

    Once restored, you would have to put the file permissions back or put them back in a hidden folder.

    I wonder if it’s possible to configure a post-replication script to reapply permissions/attributes after the restore?

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