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High Disk Latency on VMs when creating VPGs

  • As the title says – has anyone seen this before? Have created a number of VPGs in the past but never seen High Disk Latency on the VMs. Current VPG is at 60% created and one VM has alarmed in VMWare with High Disk Latency, has been alarming since the VPG creation started.

    Hello Peter,


    This could be an indication of an issue with the storage for the affected volumes. If the generated alerts are initiating in VMware and Zerto, I would recommend investigating possible storage issue and reaching out to VMware support for assistance. Additionally, you can open a case with Zerto support for investigation as well. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.


    Thank you,


    Hi Joe

    Thanks for the reply. Once the VPG was created the Disk Latency errors went away.
    We are failing this VM over to another vCenter at the weekend and putting it on different storage so not a big issue.

    You are probably right about the storage, it is old and will be decommissioned once we have migrated all VMs off.

    Thanks again

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