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Have to resync vpg if removing a disk?

  • Hi All,

    Do we need to resync a VPG if removing a disk? I understand the journal will be reset.

    We had a VPG in sync then added a disk. Before copying data to it we didn;t mark it as Temp so paused it at 4% or so.

    We don;t have time to sync the disk so just want to remove it, but we do not have time to resync the whole vpg.

    Will removing a partially synced disk require the whole vpg to be resynced?

    Thanks All

    Since Zerto manages replication by vmdk, if you look at the Storage tab of a VPG, you will see all the disks for each server managed as individual items in that VPG. From my perspective, if you delete a disk from the virtual server, Zerto will recognise this and you will see the disk removed from the Storage tab. Zerto should then just remove the preseeded disks at the recovery site and the VPG should continue replicating as usual.

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