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Getting detailed Recovery Site data from API 6.5

  • I query the Zerto REST API (6.5) in order to get information about our customer VPGs, perform tests and failovers.

    Now we have some customers where both their Protected and Recovery sites are the same ZVM, but are different hosts on that ZVM.   However, when I query the API, there’s clear way to get that more detailed host info.  Is there an endpoint that I’m not aware of, or is this something that might come in the future?

    Hi Geoff – what data are you looking for? The VRA or VPGSettings or resource report APIs come to mind as they have a lot of information in them related to the VRA/Host that are being replicated to. — Justin

    Test reply.

    Odd, something in this message won’t let me post it (it’s throwing an error: 403 – A potentially unsafe operation has been detected in your request to this site.). Trying a shorter version:
    I’m not familiar with the VPGSettings or VRA API, so that might be what I need to look into more. If I look in the ZVM web interface at the Protected and Recovery sites for a VPG in question, they state the same ZVM for each side, but on drilldown there is more specific host into within each ZVM

    When I query the VPG API, I only see EEC for each side, and not that host detail.

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