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Get protected VM details via API (e.g. CPU, etc.)

  • Hello all,

    I need to get detail configurations for protected VMs.
    Especially vCPU and vRAM information are required.

    In Zerto these information must exist because it is required for recovery.
    Unfortunately I was not able to find any information in the documentation.


    Best Regards


    @Zerto: Is the really only way to query the database table “VmResourcesInfoStorageObject” for these information?
    No API??

    Hi Markus,

    the information you require is available from the resources report, which can be retrieved by the API

    the fields that are shown for the VM are :

    “VmInfo”: {
    “Cpu”: {
    “CpuLimitationInMhz”: 0,
    “CpuReservedInMhz”: 0,
    “CpuUsedInMhz”: 0,
    “NumberOfvCpus”: 1
    “HardwareVersion”: “string content”,
    “Memory”: {
    “ActiveGuestMemoryInMB”: 15,
    “ConsumedHostMemoryInMB”: 90,
    “MemoryInMB”: 256,
    “MemoryLimitationInMB”: 0,
    “MemoryReservedInMB”: 0

    I hope this helps



    Hi Chris,

    until now my implementation has used exactly this.
    But unfortunately today I saw that the sample time is not from today but instead a few weeks old.

    It looks like the sampling is not done automatically. Maybe it only works if you regulary call the UI.
    Can you double check this?



    Sorry, looks like I ran into the page size.

    Hi Markus, did you sort this out?

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