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Frequent VPG Bitmap Syncing

  • Recently a couple of my VPGs are frequently showing a state of bitmap syncing and it takes several hours to recover.  The reason given (when I click on the ?) is Protected VRA congestion.  I don’t believe it is being caused by WAN congestion as the WAN traffic graphs show bandwidth utilization well below the throttling limit.  So is it being caused by burst write issues?

    What is your VRA’s specs? Remember that your VRA’s memory is a buffer before the data is sent over to DR site. Try to play with it and increase memory on your Main DC and/or DR ZVRAs

    The two VRA’s at the main DC each have 5 GB of memory.  There seems to be some bottleneck at the main DC.  At the DR site I’m showing a WAN throughput of only .11 MB/s most of the time with peaks of 1.5 MB/s.  I’m trying to get my hosting provider to do some investigation.

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