Forums can be great…

  • for both customers and suppliers. As a guy whose been doing the VMware thing since 2004 I feel that one of the most valuable sources of information is VMware’s community forums. I can often find answers there must faster than if I put in a support ticket. I think suppliers (in this case Zerto employees) can learn more about the issues customers face and help to engage.

    From what I’ve seen over a year of working with Zerto forums is a small handful of Zerto folks engaging in these forums. IMHO it would be a great idea to encourage all your field SE’s to engage in these forums. You are a growing company with a great product and a lot of new employees. Perhaps doing something like VMware does with contributor ratings and points.. maybe free gift cards (or licenses LOL) for attaining different levels.

    Just a thought



    Thank you very much for the feedback.  We are always looking at ways to improve and enhance our community.  One of my initiatives this year is to help scale the forum and foster a truly collaborative experience.

    In the interim please note that this is something we are actively working on!


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