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  • has the default creds for ForceRemove-ProtectionGroup changed. Got the below error using default creds

    Error: XXXXXXX Username or XXXXXt Password

    Hi, Tejas, this is Matt from Zerto. The default credentials for Commandlets hasn’t changed at all. Please make sure your users.txt file in the Zerto installation folder still exists and has the correct information in it, per the Cmdlet Guide available below.


    Hope this helps!

    I have users.txt, what is the command, I used the command below (https://admin.r1-it.dr.cloud.it/Help/index.html#page/PowerShellCmdlets%2FCmdlets.3.06.html%23)

    ForceRemove-ProtectionGroup -ZVMIP XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX -ZVMPort 9080 -Username XXXXXXX -Password XXXXXX -VirtualProtectionGroup ’Back Office’

    users.txt has the following entry

    -Username XXXXXX -Password XXXXX

    Hi, Tejas,

    Please refer to page 7 of the above linked Cmdlets Guide, your users.txt file should be using an SHA-1 hash of your password.

    Thank you.

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