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Failed-over VM's boot 10hrs into the future

  • Aloha,

    Title says it all – I failover a VM and it boots 10hrs ahead of local time. Once failed over I can login to domain and that’s what confuses me. Time should be coming from domain controller. Zerto is the newest and hosts are fully patched 6.7 U3.


    Here’s the problem causing the problem – when i failover, the vm takes on the correct network but IT IS NOT connected. If I go in and tic the “Connected” box, the time immediate corrects itself.

    Any ideas??


    Hello Bill,
    Bar from Zerto here,

    Im wondering if the same issue occurs when you clone the VM at the hypervisor, in case it does there is probably a concern you should address to your hypervisor vendor.
    In case it doesn’t, Kindly open a case for Zerto support for further investigation.

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