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Extend source vSphere virtual machine RDM disk

  • Hi all,

    We have a VPG with one VM replicated to the secondary site.

    In source prod site this vSphere VM has 1 vmdk and 3 RDM physical mode disks.
    In replica site zerto creates 4 vmdk disks replica on VMFS datastore.

    Now I have to expand one of the production RDM disk and I would avoid full sync.
    I follow the steps in KB http://www.zerto.com/myzerto/knowledge-base/resizing-rdm-volume/ but I have a question.

    I extend RDM disk but the size of destination vmdk disk that I kept during VPG delete step doesn’t match with the source RDM pointer vmdk of production site.

    So, how can I made the pre seeding?


    Emiliano Antonelli

    Hey Emiliano,

    I noticed that nobody responded to your post. Did you try a force-sync on the VPG? If not then I’d recommend recreating the VPG and pre-seeding all of the other volumes. Thanks,


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