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Export VPG settings readable format

  • hi guys

    is there a way to export settings for each VPG, VM Name, datastores, Disk marked as Temp Disk, PortGroups, and IPs?

    I know I can export VPGs setting user Zerto Config but that is not readable format

    I have a Window for this customer and in case some VPGs fails I just want to have the information hand.
    I usually take screens for VPGs config and save it in a word document but this customer has 60 VPGs and using word to save settings could be very time consuming

    any other way to get it?


    Hello Carlos,

    Mike from Zerto here. If you navigate in the Zerto GUI to the VPGs tab, there is an export link. If you click that link, a CSV file will be downloaded that if you open the file in Excel, is a much more user readable file than the export from the Diagnostics Tool.

    Thanks Mike that is exactly what I needed, would great an option to be exported as a Html or something a little bit better to read

    but for now I see all I need thanks

    No problem, Carlos. I would recommend navigating to https://www.zerto.com/myzerto/support/feature-requests/ and opening a Feature Request to request that file in other formats.

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