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Evacuate Host Question

  • I’m currently playing around with Zerto 7 in my lab, and had a question regarding the evacuate host feature.  The feature moves all workloads off of a host to and “balances” the workloads across available hosts.  I know the main purpose of using the feature is to clear a host, but the balance feature is designed to prevent engineers from having to spend the time to figure out where to put VMs, etc.

    My questions is, what happens when you are done with your maintenance?  How do you get the last evacuated hosts running workloads in a “balanced” way?  Are we stuck doing it manually, or am I missing something?

    For example:

    3 hosts cluster, 12 VMs, 4 on each host.

    Theoretically, when I evacuate host01, host02 and host03 will each have 6 VMs.   Later I evacuate host02, host01 and host03 will each have 6 VMs.  Lastly I evacuate host03, and host01 and host02 each have 6 VMs.  Now I’m done with my maintenance, is the only way to re-balance the cluster and begin using host03 again to manually perform change VRA tasks?

    Hi John,

    Ryan from the Zerto Support team here – the answer is: yes, to re-balance your cluster you should use the “Change VM Recovery VRA” option to configure VMs/VPGs to use the previously evacuated hosts. Also, the Zerto Product team is reviewing customer votes and comments on this topic via a feature request. If you head over to the Feature Request area of MyZerto, then you can vote and comment on future enhancements being considered. You will find this covered in “Automatic migration of target hosts”, feature request ID ZRVCORE-I-215.

    Feature Requests

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