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ESXi host Upgrades

  • We will be performing upgrades to our Protected site ESXi hosts. Would request how we should configure or handle the VRA’s on the host during the process. Will a complete pause in replication be a best practice? If so, please advise/confirm how and where this would be performed. Site or VPG level?


    My name is Contara from Zerto Support.

    Assume that you have two ESXi hosts.

    – Each host has VRA installed.

    – When the host put into the “Maintenance” mode, the protected VMs should Vmotion out to another host. Except the VRA vm will not Vmotion to another host.

    – The VPG replication continue to go on.

    – On the Maintenance ESXi host you can do the host upgrade. Make sure the VRA is power off.


    Will the VRA initiate the vmotion tasks or VMware admin needs to vmotion the protected VM data on the respective datastores ? what happens after the Host is back online? Do we have to vMotion using vCenter all the resources back or VRA takes care of it automatically?

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