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Dynamic Recovery Site cluster

  • Hi,

    I’m trying to build a solution for a DR scenario with vmware & Zerto.

    I’ve a vmware cluster with several ESXs and SAN storage. In this cluster, I’ve an amount of vms I need to protect.

    Right now I dont’ have a DR infra but I need to provide DR to these servers. My idea is to deploy a vmware cluster with only one ESX in Cloud and configure Zerto to manage the vm replication to cloud.

    The idea is (in order to reduce costs), having this single ESXi for receiving the replica and in the case the DR is declared or the customer wants to perform tests, deploy a couple of ESXi on cloud and add these ESXi to the current cluster on cloud. I undestand, I need to deploy VRA in these new ESXi too. And then, launch the failover to this cluster in order to distribute the load among the 3 ESXi.

    My doubt is if this is a valid solution. I’m not sure if I can do that; ie., replicate to a cluster with 1 ESX and if I need , add two ESXs to the cluster and recover the vms in this cluster.

    thanks in advance for your help!!

    Hi Ana,

    Probably worth discussing this with your account team, but here are some thoughts from me:

    I think this scenario is probably possible but not exactly realistic.  If we think about an actual DR situation where the clock is ticking and every second counts, are you going to have the time to deploy additional ESXi hosts and then deploy the required VRAs on those hosts to distribute the load when your customer calls with a code red?  I suppose this process can be automated to some degree but as I said, every second counts when the business is facing downtime and disruption.

    I hope this helps

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