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Defrag ran at the same time ZCA alerted disconnect

  • The Azure ZCA (target) servers occasionally will disconnect, which I have encountered because I am running 7.5U3.  However today when the ZCA disconnected it was a longer recovery then the other disconnects.

    I reviewed the event viewer on the ZCA and noticed that a defrag had ran at the same time I received the alert.

    The defrag message was:“The volume windows (C) was not optimized because an error was encountered: Neither Slab Consolidation nor Slab Analysis will run if slabs are less than 8 MB. (0x8900002D) “

    The next message in the event viewer was:“The storage optimizer successfully completed retrim on Windows (C:)”

    The defrag ran on both the C: and D: drives. I received the same error on both drives.

    Should I stop the scheduled defrag task from running?

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