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Dead ESXi – VRA removal

  • We had an unexpected hardware failure with one of the dev ESXI host (esxid) which has caused the corresponding VRA z-esxid also not reachable.

    We are currently working on upgrade Zerto from 6.0 => 7.0. We are done with 6.5 upgrade successfully on all ESXi except this failed one. Because of this problem is we could not proceed with the 7.0 upgrade because the version check during the installer run generates “Not all VRA’s are compatible error”. I could not delete the ESXi from the Zerto GUI as well coz it does not enables an option to delete or edit settings.

    I don’t bother about the VPG or VM under this failed esxid and I need some help in cleaning up this dead VRA and proceed successfully with the upgrade.

    Any suggestions pls?


    Is the host in maintenance mode? That will disable the settings to edit/delete in the Zerto GUI.

    If possible, take it out of MM (you put DRS to Manual to prevent VMs from going to the failed host when it comes out of MM), then try the delete actions.

    Otherwise, you may need to remove the ESXi from your inventory.

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