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Daily Email report showing replication.

  • I have Zerto 4.5 and looking to see if there are daily email alerts showing that Zerto has replicated properly.  I know its quite easy to open the console but reports would keep my auditors happy.

    Andy, Zerto is replicating continuously. Technically, it’s replicating every write it sees when it sees it. Not sure what you mean by “showing it has replicated properly” as it is not a once-per-day or once-per-few-hours job such as a backup. What is it your auditors are specifically looking for to satisfy their needs?

    -Sean M, Zerto Sales Ops, former Systems Engineer in a past life

    They’re looking for proof that the system is functioning and we have replication when we need it.  I found a Daily setting in the settings tab that allows for this function and I’ve verified/tested that email is sent but it doesn’t send anything on its own.


    The “Daily” setting in Site Settings is referring to Backup reports. The ZVM takes a different approach to reporting than some other solutions. Specifically, “if it’s working, don’t bug anybody; if it’s broken, sound the alarms.” This means we don’t have an option for the ol’ “a report a day keeps the auditor away” report.

    That said, someone mentioned on Reddit back in February that they solved this problem using Powershell and our APIs: https://www.reddit.com/r/PowerShell/comments/7z7ryg/zerto_rest_apis_ps_daily_email_reports/

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