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Creating VPGs using only 1 hour JournalHistory

  • I am using Powershell and the API to create lots of VPGs, and am noticing that when I create a VPG and use the setting pasted below, and set $JournalhistoryinHours = 1, it seems we keep an alert set for 24 hours that will never clear.  The Web UI states that the VPG does not meet the configured history for 1 day.  I edit the VPG in the WebUI and it is set to 1 HOURS.  If simply click “DONE” to the VPG edit without making any changes, the UI updates the VPG and goes into a proper Meeting SLA state.  We are currently running Zerto 5.0 u2 patch 1.  Thanks for your help!
    “”Basic””: {
    “”JournalHistoryInHours””: “”$JournalHistoryInHours””,

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