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Create VPG Using Preseed Data

  • Creating VPGs using preseed data support was added to the API in 6.5; I was wondering if anybody has any experience using this feature.  I have a large customer that will I will likely need to rebuild their Zerto deployment due to vCenter upgrades on their side where they cannot preserve the database or the vCenter server.


    Anyhow, more specifically:

    “Preseed”: {
            “DatastoreIdentifier”:”String content”,
            “Path”:”String content”
    Is the “Path” going to be the full path the volume in the preseed folder?   “/preseed-xxx/site…/vm-123/…vmdk”
    If anyone has used this functionality and wouldn’t mind sharing what they’ve done or a snip it, it would be appreciated.

    Hi John,

    You are correct in that the preseed path would be the full path to the volume. If they don’t know the full path we also introduced a volumes API in 6.5u3 that will provide them the path location for the recovery volume.


    Thank you,


    Thanks Shaun.  I guess that since the volumes aren’t in the preseed folder until I remove the VM from the VPG or delete the VPG, I would need to run against the Volumes API and loop through the results to find the full path of the protected VM ID or name.  Hmm.  I’ll do some testing and see where it gets me.

    Note:  Any other input is welcomed.

    Hey John – The events API could provide some help here as there is an event (EV0040) for remove VM/VPG with keep disk that provides the disk location. Keep in mind that, generically, the disk path will be under the VRA for the VMs selected recovery host; if you’re using ZORGs then the software will move the disk to the ZORG defined preseed folder (since we cannot allow a zorg user to access an entire datastore of course). — Justin

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