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Create VPG for VCD to VCD using API

  • I got a very strange problem to create VPG using APIs, Tried every thing i could but still get same error,
    i am using zerto v6.0

    i tried to create VPGs for VCD – VCD scenario

    method 1. created skeleton Template and added  the data and when i post to https://zvm_ip:port/v1/vpgSettings,
    i get error :400 {“Message”:”Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”}

    where as when tried to create empty VPGs with out data, it does create one.
    tried everything but still couldn’t get a solution for it ,

    so another method i tried was to to make sure it works fine, created a VPGs manually from web, got the skeleton of template used by that VPGSettingsIdentifier, so just to make sure i redeployed VPGs with different name and different vpgsettingsidentifier, even with a confirmed VPG template,

    i get the same error,

    can any one suggest me how can i overcome it




    I Have had similar experiences myself when developing scripts for use with Zerto API’s


    I found that normally I am missing something that is a mandatory parameter somewhere in the JSON Template





    I will check each an every parameters , hope fully it works this time

    Keep us posted Sanjeev! If things are still giving trouble, please do also consider logging a case with our team so they can ensure things are operating correctly. — Justin

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