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Create Roll in Vsphere

  • I need to create a roll in vsphere to allow a specific user to log into the ZVM and ONLY be able to read and Restore a file.  How would i go about doing this?

    Hi Salvatore,

    At this moment, there is no way to limit and set permissions for a specific team member for a specific Zerto operation such as the JFLR or the file restore.

    The following steps should be followed in order to create the “Read Only” access:
    1. Create a new role in vSphere. In vSphere client’s menu bar navigate to View-> Administration -> Roles.
    2. Create a designated role and select the desired privileges for that role. Uncheck all Zerto privileges except the “Viewer” checkbox.
    3. Navigate to the permissions tab on vSphere client and right click the desired user/group. Then choose the properties option to add the new role to the relevant user.

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