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Create Checkpoint via Script

  • Hello,

    I have a question concerning the REST API. Is there a way to create a checkpoint. As per the Zerto Admin guide, it recommends powering down the source VMs and performing a checkpoint to ensure application consistency when performing a Test Failover. I would like to automate this particular task sequence and am looking to create a checkpoint after shutting down the VMs. I see documentation pertaining to getting the information related to the latest checkpoint, but nothing concerning the creation of a checkpoint. Specifically, it would be ideal to create a tagged checkpoint via either REST or Powershell. Thanks.

    Hey Brad,

    Right now there is no ability to insert a checkpoint via the REST API, on the roadmap, but you can easily do it using the Zerto PowerShell CMDlets downloaded from MyZerto/Support:

    Set-Checkpoint [-ZVMIP] <String> [-ZVMPort] <Int32> [-Username] <String> [-Password] <String> [-VirtualProtectionGroup] <String> [-Tag] <String> [-Wait <int32>] [<Common&RiskParameters>

    Any questions let me know. Thanks,


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