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Configure an IP helper address for a VPG network

  • Hi

    I am looking at the configuration of a VPG in Zerto and have a networking
    question – Is it possible to configure an IP helper address for the VPG or
    the VMs in the VPG to allow a VM to get an IP address from a DHCP server
    running on a different failed-over VLAN?

    This is to replicate the behaviour on the production networks for our
    Citrix environment, which uses PXE boot DHCP for some of the servers but
    the DHCP server is located on a different VLAN.

    Is this possible to replicate in the failover environment so that I can
    test it’s functionality, and if so, how would I go about configuring it?


    Hello John,


    This question would require some investigation regarding workflow and configuration. Please open a support case and an assigned TSE will investigate and provide the required information.


    Thank you,



    Thanks, Joe

    Will raise a case


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