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Cisco Virtual Wireless Controller

  • Has anyone Zerto’d a Cisco virtual wireless controller? I’m not sure why it wouldn’t work but was just curious. I don’t want to go down the route of setting up a BU controller if i can just take care of it with zerto.

    Hi Terry,

    You may have to help me out a little more with your specific configuration, but I say just replicate it and run a failover test to ensure the expected functionality exists on the recovery site. Here are a few things for consideration from what I can tell:

    1.) Configure all the correct destination portgroups your wireless controller requires and ensure you map them all correctly on the recovery site and in the VPG settings.

    2.) If you are using a serial port from the physical host, you’re going to need to correct this on the recovery site and also connect to a physical serial port on the recovery site. I’m not sure this behavior will work as desire, so test (or use the VM console instead of the serial connection).

    3.) Ensure the wireless controller can still access the configured NTP server, because if it cannot you’ll want to run a post script to reconfigure it to a proper NTP server on the recovery site.

    4.) Can you place a test wireless access point into the isolated test recovery network in order to test this out? Otherwise, you’d have to test this controller out without some, make sure it’s working as best you can, and then perform an actual failover of this device in order to fully test the functionality (also ensure it has network connectivity back to all of the devices it is managing).

    5.) Is there a case when you would want the wireless controller failed over? Does it manage devices in multiple locations? I’m just wondering about your use case for this scenario in the first place.

    Hope this helps!



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