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CIS Security Standards, and Recommendations for VR

  • Hello, Everyone!

    Case #00188234 Company Name: National Life Group

    I’m looking for some assistance on the case number listed above.

    A customer was looking to get some questions answered based on the screenshot I took yesterday on a zoom call with him.

    2. If you disable all the security features when you upgrade the VRA, do the features get replaced back to the default settings?



    In reviewing the case I see the following response has been given to the client:


    “Keep in mind that the VRAH is “just a disk box VM” and doesn’t hold any logic.

    1. We haven’t tested it, but the features listed in the screenshot don’t appear to be related to what the VRAH does, so probably it would work.

    2. The VRAH doesn’t change during the upgrade process. It is deployed by the ZVM “automatically” as more mirror disks/journal disks are created. The ZVM will not copy setting from an existing VRAH when deploying a new one,”

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