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Changing ZCM logon timout?

  • Does anybody know how to change the logon timeout on a ZCM? ZVM’s seem to have a long timeout value however ZCM’s seem to be very short.




    Hi Ron,

    Sorry for the delayed response and thank you for your question! We currently have the ZCM timeout at 30 minutes and have considered implementing the ZVM timeout to match this.

    What is your use case for a longer timeout? What is the desired timeout setting? Do you require to have an adjustable setting in the GUI for all?


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    I think all vendors should give their customers the ability to modify logon timeouts. The scatter brained world of systems management means you’re using any of a dozen or more apps at all times. With Zerto web clients  not having pass through authentication we must enter credentials constantly for it (ZCM) and all the other apps that don’t have pass through.

    Thanks for the reply


    I agree.  Having the timeouts of both ZVM and ZCM configurable would be ideal.  In fact, a “Never timeout” when setting to 0 would be desirable as well.   Perhaps this would only be attainable for a read-only account.  We have ZVM screens displayed in our NOC, and because these screens are run as a service account through RDP, the information often becomes stale as the ZVM has timed out and the only way to know is to look at the clock in the upper right corner.  While this is a nuisance more than anything, there have been plenty of times the screens are showing all green, when in fact the all green was from 18 hours ago when the timeout occurred!

    Hi John,

    Thanks for reaching out.  If these are features that would have make managing ZVR more simple for your team, I suggest you submit feature request via the ZVM!  We are always looking to hear from our customers on how we can improve our technology.

    Don’t hesitate to reach out with any other questions!

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