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Changing ESXi Host IPs and Domain Membership

  • We are planning to change the ESXi host IP addresses and domain membership at both our protected and recovery sites (recovery site first).  Will I need to vacate each host, change VM recovery VRA, uninstall the VRA, and then reinstall VRA after modifying each ESXi host?  Or can I just change the VM recovery VRA, modify host IP and domain, and leave the VRAs as they are?

    Hello Justin,


    In order to change the ESXi host IP address, you will have to clear the relevant VRAs ( change VM recovery VRA for recovery VRA),  uninstall the VRA, change the IP address and redeploy a VRA.





    Yaron, are you employed by Zerto?  This QA forum is ok but it would sure be nice to know that you are not another Zerto customer offering support direction.  Thank you

    Hi Justin, Omer from Zerto here.

    Yaron is a Zerto support Eng.

    Based on your feedback we will change the way we answer in the forum to make it clear when a Zerto personal answers the questions.

    Thnaks for the feedback.

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