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Change Zerto VM pRDM to vRDM

  • Hi,

    We have some Zerto virtual appliances which are using Physical Mode RDMs.

    We would like to change these to Virtual mode RDMs. Is this a supported change on an existing appliance? Or once deployed is it not supported to make these changes?

    Usually we would simply power down the VM, delete the disk/pointer file, create the new rdm in virtual mode and use the same SCSI ID and power back on. However without access to the OS it would be difficult to check everything has come back up as it should.


    Hi Simon,

    Thank you for reaching out.  I am not sure how one can configure this, but I will reach out to the product/engineering team and follow up with you as soon as I hear back.



    I believe you have spoken with support regarding this but just to reiterate:

    “The change from pRDM to vRDM is supported but will cause a volume initial sync much like unmounting a VMDK.  If the sizes don’t change during the P2V, you can preseed while the VPG is doing the sync by editing the VPG and pointing to the RDM.  This will cause a delta sync to happen”

    I hope this helps!

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