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Change the recovery datastore

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    How do I change the recovery datastore and use the old datastore for seeding?


    This is Vladimir M with Zerto Support

    Here is a KB on preseeding volumes: https://www.zerto.com/myzerto/knowledge-base/preseeding-volumes/

    Also, here are the steps to change recovery datastore:

    To migrate the current workload to a new datastore at the recovery location, perform the following steps:

    1.       Verify all hosts in the recovery host cluster can see the new datastore

    2.      Determine which VPG/VM/VMDK is going to replicate to each new datastore

    3.       Edit the VPG VM Recovery and Journal datastore settings and select the new target datastore

    4.       Zerto Virtual Replication will initiate a Storage vMotion of the replication data to the new datastore

    5.       Repeat for each VM / VPG that requires replication data to be moved. Please note during the process Edit VPG is not available

    6.       Utilizing the vSphere Datastore Browser verify that there is no  remaining replication data for the VPGs on the old datastores

    Please note: These steps are only outlined for environments that are replicating vCenter to vCenter (no vCD, and no DRaaS). The target vCenter environment also will require licensing for VMware Storage vMotion, as that is what Zerto leverages to move the workload between datastores. These steps are also only for VMDK’s, and not for RDM’s.

    Thank you! I have made the appropriate changes but I only see two files on the new DS called Z-VRAH-(hostname). The vmdks are still on the old DS. Is this still in transition?


    Please check the VPG settings and make sure that the old datastore isn’t being used

    That worked, forgot to modify the recovery volume under storage. One question though,  why does it not keep the server name label on the vmdks on the new datastore under the (VM folder)? The old DS folder had them named (servername).vmdk. The new location has them named ((Z-VRAH-(hostname.fqdn.-F4-51097_8.vmdk))

    It’ll take the name of the VRA helper until a failover live, failover test, or move has been started

    I’ve run into that naming problem as well. What I did to correct it is as follows:

    1. Document my VPG configuration
    2. Delete the VPG
    3. Manually rename the files via SSH on ESXi host (follow vmware procedure to do this)
    4. Re-create VPG using vmdk files as seed disks

    Hope that helps.

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