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Change on CPU / Memory – replication

  • Hi all,


    Silly question –  If we change the number of CPUs in the production site, does it replicate automatically to the DR / destination site? Do we need to make anything to ensure the change?


    We are on the middle of a Synch to a destination site and number of CPUs of a server has been changed in the prod site. Just want to be sure we won’t have any impact on the DR site when we do the failover.



    Hi Daniel,

    To help clarify, are you changing the number of CPU for the Zerto VRAs or for the production VMs themselves?

    I will bring this up with the product/engineering team and respond back as soon as I hear from them.

    Thank you!


    If the change is made on the VM then yes, this is reflected on the DR site.

    Hope this helps!

    This is what makes Zerto so useful.   This is VM based replication not storage.   So changes made in production are replicated to your DR site.

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