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Change CPU and RAM when failover

  • hi Zerto support just told me that for this I need to create my own script to resize my VMs when doing a failover for example VM in production is 64GB RAM and 16 CPUs but customer wants only 16GB RAM and 4 CPUs at the recovery site…. so has anyone create this script to be able to add it to my VPGs to get VMs automatically resize?

    it’s like the re-IP feature but for CPU – RAM but needs to be scripted



    Hi! We noticed you didn’t have a reply, but maybe this can still help. There are PowerCLI scripts out there to help reduce the RAM and CPU (although I was having trouble finding a CPU specific one), although I don’t have specific examples to site. You could run these before the VM is booted in order to reduce the amount of RAM and CPU on the VM. Take note that you would then probably want to run another one upon failback to ensure the VM wasn’t created as the smaller size back in the original protected (production) site.

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    I have a similar question so would like to chekc if we have more updates on the same. In case I have source VMs with sizes not matching the EC2 instance sizes , Can I map them to desired size in an automated fashion during failover or it is a manual process ? Thanks


    Hello all. We have very same needs in our environments. Please can you provide PowerShell script for starting VM’s at DR site with less amount CPU/RAM? Or provide please link to manual how to Zerto PS scripting.

    Thank you in advance!

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