Can’t add cluster as vCenter Resource pool in ZCM

  • Having an odd issue.

    We’re looking to decommission a cluster in VMware (hosts are older and planned for decom), but Zerto is using the cluster as the recovery host resource.

    All VMs moved out of the cluster, and was going to move the VMs to a new Recovery host in the ZVM, but it will only allow hosts in the cluster we’re trying to deprecate.

    I found the affected VPGs are assigned to a ZOrg, and in the cloud manager system, the Zorg only has the one cluster listed as a “vCenter resource pool”.

    The vCenter has 3 clusters. 1 is being used as a production container, and cannot be used as a recovery spot.

    One cluster is the one we’re going to deprecate. The remaining cluster is larger than either of the others, but doesn’t show up in the ZCC as an available resource pool.

    I have a ticket with Zerto support, but they haven’t been able to tell me why this is happening or how to resolve it.

    Anyone else run into something like this? Did a search on the forum, but couldn’t find anything similar sounding…

    Thanks to anyone who can help.


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