Cannot complete sync of powered off VM's

  • Hello,

    I am fairly new to Zerto, and am wondering how come my entire VPG seems to be in an error state because it is stuck initializing powered off VM’s.  Is there a way around this?  I still want these VM’s to be synced and protected.

    Thank you.



    There is no way around this today as virtual machines don’t actually “exist” on the hypervisor\platform until they are powered on. You will need to power-on the VM, allow it to complete Initial Sync, and then power off the VM if you wish. Note however that if that VM stays powered off for too long, it could go beyond your user-configured limitations of the Journal and thus be unrecoverable.

    In other words, you typically want to just let your VMs run, reboot them when needed, etc., but not leave them offline for say 10 days if your Journal is configured for 9 days.

    Excellent.  Thank you Sean for your quick response.

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