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Cannot add VM to VPG

  • I created a VPG and added a VM to it.  There were sync issues and I also needed to remove one of the drives to free up space.  So I deleted the VPG and when I went to create a new one, the VM wasn’t available for me to select.

    Hello John,

    Verify that the VM is powered on.  When attempting to add the VM in the Edit VPG window click on the VMs tab and then below the Unprotected VMs list click on the “Select VMs” link to see if the VM had already been added to another VPG.  You can also take a look at the following KB:

    Why can’t I select a VM for replication

    I checked and the VM is not in protected or unprotected group.  The VRA is installed on the host that the VM is running on.  There are other VMs running on the same host and they are not having any issues.  Originally, I was able to add that VM to Zerto.  The problem started happening after I deleted the VPG and the recovery disks to free up space.  I was then unable to select that VM when creating a new VPG.

    Hello John,

    Be sure that you are creating the VPG from the site that sits on the same vCenter that the VM is on.

    Yes I am using the correct site when creating the VPG.  I was able to create the initial VPG fine so I know I’m using the right one.  I’m having issues the second time around.

    Hello John,

    Can you remote into the ZVM on the side the VM resides and stop the Zerto Virtual Manager service and then start it.  Give it about 5 minutes to ensure everything is reconnected and green then try to create a VPG and see if that VM is visible.

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